HIITBURN Method | 12-Week Workout Guide (BEST SELLER)

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This is a 12-week progressive workout program with short, powerful workouts to help get you great results! These workouts are for everyone of all fitness level and can be tailored to your level and abilities. So, no matter how beginner or advanced you are, you will get in a great workout!

This program includes 3 phases that will all build on one-another. The only equipment you will need is a set of mini bands and a pair of dumbbells. These workouts are great to do anywhere without needing to go to the gym.

-Complete workout program built to fit any and all levels of fitness and produce amazing results

-12-week long workout program with 3 phases designed strategically to build off of one another

-Recommended for all fitness levels as the workouts can be tailored to your level and ability and bring amazing results for all